Songs made by D Drmmr

# Title Length Notes Size (kB)
77 Just for kicks 4:53 This is just a simple song to get back in the spirit of making music. It's got some nice heavy kicks that work very well to get rid of some bottled up frustration. 7,371
75 Peculiar Sounds 5:33 The first peculiar sound of this song came from Merkeu's 'Lost in Track'. The vocal sample is from the tv series OZ (again). I've been wanting to use it for quite some time, but never found a way to fit it in. Until now... 7,541
74 Vowels Part 2 6:43 The inevitable follow-up of Vowels Part 1 that makes a little more noise ;). I really love the drum-loops on this track. Check it out and let me know what you think! 9,802
73 D Drmmr feat. Merkeu - Sometimes (D Drmmr drmz) 5:28 After listening to Merkeu's song Sometimes, I had an uncontrolable urge to remix it. So, I asked him for some samples, started making drums and this came out. 6,368
71 Exhibition 6:51 I got stuck with a song I was working on, so I took some samples from an old song that fitted really nice. Listening to the song makes me think of a cross-breed between a play and a martial arts exhibition. Hence, the name. 7,364
72 Madbith and D Drmmr - Bouncing on a Cloud 3:10 I got a live recording from Merkeu of a synthesizer harp played with his (computer!) keyboard. I added some strings and a bit more, and... Listen for yourself! 3,351
70 Vowels Part 1 (Aaaaeeou) 5:59 Thought the name would fit my artist name... And no, I don't play guitar, I just have lots of samples ;). 8,452
68 Senseless 7:17 Ha ha! This is such a cool song, in a 3/4(!) measure. Soon after remixed by Merkeu. 8,238
56 Saturation 7:29 I picked up with a song I was working on but never finished. It just started with the delayed (very overdriven) bass drum. It soon grew out to be a lot more... 9,220
65 10 Minute Evening 10:31 Weird, but relaxed shit. You're gonna need some good speakers to get the full effect (especially the low tones). 10,470
64 Evolved 6:25 Uses a sample from Dave Smith's Evolver Synth module. The melody is from 'Dulce Pontes - Cano do Mar', known from the movie Primal Fear. 7,576
63 Mw Mwhuw 5:53 Don't you think the name says it all? 6,466
60 Recurrence 8:30 Formerly known as Everlasting, but I changed the name to better suit the idea of eternal recurrence by Ouspensky. 9,702
69 Trans- 7:29 Transpose, transform, transeverything... 9,044
67 Verbal Warp 10 5:47 "There's no more lyrics" (Snap - Blas blas). For those of you who didn't know it, warp 10 is infinite velocity. Takes some time to sink in, eh? 7,414
66 Inevitable or Capricious 7:20 Text by Harold Perrineau as Augustus Hill in the tv series OZ. 9,506
55 Tranquilic Stress 6:51 No comment 7,704


68 Merkeu - Senseless Senz0r 4:12 Very energetic remix by Merkeu. Check out his other stuff too, if you like this. 6,553